Recommended Classes

Sup Highliners!

Registration for Summer qtr is coming soon!

It’s gonna be my last qtr at Highline College 🙁

(Feel like I just entered HC yesterday…time flys)

I’ve taken many classes at HC includes good and terrible ones.

So today, I’d like to share classes that I personally recommend from my experience.

Since my major is Business, so most of the classes are related to requirements of AA Degree in Business. (Requirement=R)

ENG 101, English Composition R

Dr. Shon Meckfessel

Easiness ☆☆☆ Beneficial ☆☆☆

Definately recommended. Very nice, kind and sophisticated Professor. Not only writing skill, but I learned about global issues such as Syria which is his specialized field.  The textbook I used in class was a surprisingly comic book. This is also Dr. Shon’s teaching style which is casual and practical.

ENG 205, Research/Persuasive Writing R

Kim Trinh

Easiness ☆☆ Beneficial ☆☆

Kim is a kind and charming professor. Some topic is already learned in 101. Not easy class, I wrote more than 15-page paper, but overall it was a meaningful class.  5 min 20 slides presentation was so practical. You can have a conference with her before submitting papers. Extra credit is available when you go to Writing center.

CMST 101, Intro to Communication R

Liz Word

Easiness ☆☆☆ Beneficial ☆☆

Liz is so kind and wonderful professor. As her personality, class had always comfortable atmosphere. I learned basic knowledge of communication study through many prsentations. It was good opportunity to talk in front of classmates.

ECON 201 and 202, Micro and Micro Economics R

Kevin Stanly

Easiness ☆☆ Beneficial ☆☆☆

Kevin’s class is always fun and active. It was the class that I made friends the most in. Every quiz we can collaborate with classmates. Kevin doesn’t just teach what is the opportunity cost, but he brings some example from real world such as factories in China is closing down associated with ecnomic. So you can learn practically.

PSYCH 120, Human Relations R(Optional in Social Study)

Dr. Bob Baugher

Easiness ☆ Beneficial ☆☆☆

This class was super hard. I wrote many papers, read textbook a lot and gave a presentation, but I got a decent grade. However, as Bob’s well-experienced life, I learned something important more than contents of the textbook. Every story Bob told us in class were so interesting and made me think how precious to have family, friends and someone who I love. After took this class, I believe that I’ve been more grateful for my daily life. If you care about GPA too serious, this class is not for you. But personally, I’d like to highly recommend. Also he’s offering other interesting classes such as Death & Life and Love 101. I’m taking Love 101 this qtr which is so meaningful.

BUSN 210, Business Statistics R(Alternative for Math 146)

Mike Cicero

Easiness ☆☆ Beneficial ☆☆☆

Professor Cicero is such a hilarious guy ever! Additionally, his story based on the real world is so interesting. Although dealing with numbers, I feel like even fun to learn, because of his understandable teaching style. If you have difficulties with Math, I definitely recommend taking this class instead

BUSN 101, Intro to Business

Mike Cicero

Easiness ☆☆ Beneficial ☆☆☆

Even though this class isn’t required for AA in business, definitely a helpful class if you wanna learn what is business. Professor Cicero is such a hilarious guy XD

PE 120, Soccer R

Easiness ☆☆☆ Beneficial –

If you are planning to take PE, soccer is the best class I took! You can make friends and play soccer. It was just so much fun class. I could not wait every Tuesday and Thursday. Also I took volleyball and badminton for PE requirement, those are okay. I wish I could take soccer three times.

Hope this will be helpful for your planning of registration.