Be aware, what’s next?

The U.S military air-stroke one air base in Syria where the horrible chemical attack was launched, which killed more than 70 innocent people includes men, women and children.

Commanded by President Trump, U.S Navy launched 59 Tomahawk missiles to Syrian Airforce base includes fighter, antiaircraft defense system and fuel tank from Navy destroyer in the Medditerianian.

I was so shocked when I saw the video of innocent civilians especially children and babies were suffering from the chemical attack like hell. I’ve never seen people were suffering like that way.

How come human was killed by human like that?

The chemical used this time is called Sarin, a highly toxic chemical invented as pesticide back in Nazi, Germany. When W.W.II over, Nazi had surprisingly more than 7,000t of Sarin, but they never used. Sarin was also used for terrorism in Japan by the doomsday cult group in the 1990s. The doomsday cult spread out Sarin in the subway in Tokyo which killed 13 people and more than 6,000 people injured. That was shocking incident for all Japanese. That’s why I might be familiar with this word “Sarin”. However, I did not know this chemical is this much horrible warfare as I saw the video.

All over the world witnessed of this Syrian government inhumane chemical attack, the result and also President Trump immediate action by air-striking Syria.

I was surprised by Trump’s decision since the U.S. is no longer world’s policeman as Obama and Trump insists. Also, Trump tweeted “The U.S. should stay away from Syria.” when President Obama pursued air striking to Syria back in 2013.

According to Reuter,  six people was killed by this missiles in Syrian air base. The Syrian government strongly disagree with this U.S airstrike. The Russian government who is supporting Syrian government also criticized U.S. as “aggression act”. Easily we could expect those statement from both the Syrian and Russian government.

In contrast, Germany government responded “understandable.” Japanese PM Abe responded, ” We strongly supports this U.S. action against any chemical attack.”

There is no argument that chemical attack must not be used in no matter what situation, however, Trump decision using military power is still controversial.

Personally, I don’t know the difference between killing 600 people by bombing and killing 60 people by chemical attack or six people by missiles.

Killing people should not be accepted even only one life.

Surely the world is going to be chaos. Something unreal for us is coming to the real.

These whole continuous incidents could be the trigger of the World War.

After 70 years from W.W.II, we forget something very important that war is terrible no matter which you win or lose, don’t we?

Sadly people never learned from what we did wrong in the past.

Always “Justice” is an only one-sided viewpoint. You think it’s justice, someone thinks it’s not.

I wish all people can be happy and peaceful, but reality is way far from ideal.

So only thing we can do now is being aware what’s coming to next.